B Hair Academy

B hair Academy strives to bring you the latest in hair cutting techniques with new insight into the fundamental structure of Hair Design. Where founder Bradley Querl strives to find easier ways to create better looks.

With several different courses from women to mens and from cutting to coloring. In the ever changing and time poor environment a hair designer has to be able to achieve the latest looks in relatively short periods of time. These courses are aimed to clarify and simplify the most difficult modern techniques for them to be accessible to all hairdesigners.

Based in Downtown Faro where they enjoyed 100 square meters of Academy space with intense courses active during the day and at night for the ease of people with busy schedules. The courses given are accredited by the Portuguese government so that anybody looking to take the permanent certification can achieve this through these short courses.

Cut and Styling

B design takes you through the fundamentals of ladies Salon hairdesign giving you fascinating insight into how to achieve 11 different looks and use your styling tools to the best of your ability. This 50 hour cutting and styling course will take you on a journey through body position, hair elevation and distribution. This course is perfect for stylists of all levels that want more confidence in their day to day salon cutting and styling.

Novo Cliente

Mens Design

Mens design, this is a 25 hour mens cutting and beard shaping course. Focusing on your fashionable men’s lengths and incorporating some of the essential barbering techniques. This is the mens grooming course aimed at all levels of hairstylists who want to learn the trending mens looks.(we do not cover razor shaving)

Recomenda Amigo

Long Bob

Long bob, or lob, has been dubbed the look of the year. This amazing style manages to be flattering for a variety of different face shapes and hair textures. This is a one day course focusing on the balance of a messy long bob. In this course you will look at the different ways to section, Lift and work different kinds of long bobs, how to get the best balance in the long light layers. This short course is perfect for experienced or young hairdesigners looking at polishing this area of their cutting technique.


Pixie Course

The Pixie has been signature look for all celebrities looking to revamp their image. The pixie cut has been seen a lot on the latest trend outlets from fashionistas, models and actresses. This is one of the coolest hairstyles of this decade with several different options within. During this course we look at doing three pixie haircuts over one day from long asymmetric fringes right down to the tightly cropped feminine pixie original. This course is perfect for hairdesigners with experience or young stylists who already know how to cut but would like to work on short hairstyles.



In this course we will cover what haircolor is, what color options you have on the market, discussing pros and cons of each color choice for clients, including consultation, color mixing and understanding numeric indication neutralization using primary secondary or tertiary colours for neutralizing and highlighting. Including application of classical or modern hair coloring techniques. Ths is a great course for anyone who needs more color understanding, perfect for hairdesigners who are unsure with their colour.


B light

Highlighting is one of the fastest growing colour fashions this year. There are many forms of highlighting starting from a soft glow in the root area to a more intense feeling through the ends, flashes, high end bleeds(pastel). This course focuses on balayage and touches on high end fashion bleeds, calafornian highlights and ombre. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to corner the highlighting niche in the market perfect for beginners and advanced stylists.


Hair Up

Hair up, this course is aimed teaching people how to style hair for special occasions from School proms to wedding hair. This is a great course for anyone wanting to learn to style hair including make up artists and fashion producers. (This course is restructured on a yearly basis to make sure it is up to date for the current market).


B Inspired

Our collection is the latest of our award winning teams yearly collection aimed at the experienced hairstylist. This will push your limits and stretch your imagination for edgy 2017 hairdesign. This is a 2 day course aimed at the experienced hairdeigner looking for inspiration and motivation.