Beard Care

Growing a beard can be an expression of freedom, but it’s also a commitment. Beards don’t take care of themselves any more than your lawn or your nails. They need some upkeep.

Whether you’re just past the stubble stage or trying to tame a 2-foot mass, here are some beard care tips.


Grow It Better


  • Fight through the itch. This is the point where the faint-hearted give up. If you stick with it, it gets better after a few weeks.


  • Let it grow. Wait a few months before trying to shape a beard. That’s even if you plan to keep it short and close to the face. Shaping and trimming a beard too early is a common mistake, a mistake that can take weeks or months to fix. Let it get a little wild at first, Once you have about an inch or an inch and a half, then you can start shaping it.


  • Know when to give up. It’s a hard truth, but not all guys can grow a beard. It’s just a matter of genetics. If it’s been two or three months, and it’s still patchy and scraggly, it’s not going to get better. Let it go, shave it off, and move on.


Good Grooming


Now you’ve got your beard. How do you take care of it?


  • Shampoo

Lots of guys don’t wash their beards, or if they do, they use the bar soap they’d use on their armpits. Bad idea. You’ll dry out your beard and the skin beneath. Instead, shampoo at least a few times a week. Use a moisturizing shampoo to prevent the hair from getting brittle.


  • Condition


We recommend a thick, heavy-duty conditioner to keep your beard from getting too wiry. Let the conditioner sit there. Consider the leave-in kind that you don’t have to rinse out.


  • Use products (if you want)


Whatever you rub into your beard is bound to get on your skin, too. Use products that won’t clog your pores.


  • Trim it


Even if you grow your beard long, we recommend a trim every two months. It’s like getting rid of split ends in your hair. If you’re keeping it short, trim your beard every few weeks or so.


  • Have the right tools


An electric trimmer is fine for the edge of your beard on your face. But for shaping the bulk, we recommend scissors and a comb. If you’re using scissors, you’re not as likely to cut off too much by accident.


Keep It Healthy


What else can help your beard look and feel good?


  • Eat a healthy diet


There are no special foods that will improve beard growth. But a balanced, healthy diet is good in general for hair and skin.


Beards have a strong presence. They’re the first thing that any person you meet will see. Grooming is worth the effort.